Winter 2019 Courses

November 30, 2018

Graphic Design for Non-Graphic Designers $199 $120
(CYBER SALE! GET $79 OFF! Use code “ACTNOW” )
Includes Digital Textbook!
Four-weeks, Thursdays 6 PM CST / 7 PM EST
January 10 – 31
Minimum Enrollment: 5
Maximum Enrollment: 15

Are you someone who creates your own graphics, but want to elevate your design skills?
Using Canva, I will show you how to create professional layouts using the templates AND creating your own ideas starting from a blank canvas.
Must sign up for Canva account by first day of class.


Let’s Write a Book!  $99
30 days of consistent writing! Become a published author!
Begins January 1st
Minimum Enrollment: 5
Maximum Enrollment: 15
This is an opportunity for those who want to write a book, but lack the motivation to write.
Write 200 words or less everyday and become a published author!

Name of Book:
Advice for Life! 30 Days of Insight from Everyday Women Vol. I

Book will be available as a $0.99 digital download on Amazon in March 2019.
Participants may purchase hardcopies, if interested.


Hustle Baby Hustle $350
Four-weeks, Wednesdays 6 PM CST / 7 PM EST
January 9 – 30
Minimum Enrollment: 5
Maximum Enrollment: 10

This is a coaching program designed to help people get their brand out of their brain in 4 weeks. The program is a mix of instruction via eCourse & Group Coaching. Each cohort is small, so that everyone has an opportunity to be heard and helped. 

The program is designed for each cohort, once the program is over, to continue encouraging and uplifting each other towards greatness. 

So what do you get at the end of 4 weeks*:
1. A tangible brand that you will launch to the world.
2. Tips, tricks and resources to help you maintain your brand.
3. An awesome cohort to help you continue your journey.



Dreams to Streams $50
Two weeks, Tuesdays 6 PM CST / 7 PM EST
January 15 – 22
Minimum Enrollment: 5
Maximum Enrollment: 15
Do you have a skill or hobby that you’re looking to monetize, but don’t quite know how to do it?  Look no further. This class will help you identify the types of income streams, apply to your idea and allow you to create a plan to make it happen! Realistic goal setting and consistency is the cornerstone of creating a viable income stream! Join us!



Using Social Media for Your Business $25
Saturday 9 AM CST / 10 AM EST
January 5
Minimum Enrollment: 5
Maximum Enrollment: 25
Don’t have a clue how to use social media for your business? Join this class to get insight! You’ll learn terminology and tips and tricks on how to use the major social media outlets.



Pretty Girls Learn REI $0 – $2000
We’re building an online woman-powered community to learn about Real Estate Investing! Open to all women who are pretty amazing, pretty ambitious, and pretty driven! Classes begin February! If interested send an email to