Miss Plus World Virtual Pageant 2021

The pandemic definitely caused many to postpone or even cancel their events. But for some, this was the perfect opportunity to innovate. Enter the Miss Plus World Pageant. Though they we’re this first pageant to go virtual, they wanted to be the best virtual pageant everyone has seen. Say less.

On behalf of the pageant, we created graphics, videos, a program book and even produced the actual pageant itself. What was created? A masterpiece.

In terms of metrics, we reached almost 50K people on Facebook! That is something to be celebrated!

See below for a sampling of the work we did together.

Introduction video + Finals night host intro.
Flyer and FB Cover advertising the event.
A few pages of the program book. View the whole book here: https://www.magcloud.com/webviewer/1927782?__r=2887189&s=w
Delegate Introduction Video
Evening Gown video.

Additional Links from the Virtual Pageant

Preliminary competition:

Finals Night Part I: https://www.facebook.com/1863791200616630/videos/3499031133542484

Finals Night Part II:

Finals Night Part III: