Speaking / Webinar Topics

September 10, 2016

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Dare to Dream
Dreams to Streams (pt 1)
Streams to Teams (pt 2)
She is the Ish:  SITI Girl Mogul Mastermind
How to Self-Publish Your Book and Market it!
How to Start Your Own Product Line
Ladies Dream Session
Using Social Media to Expand Your Network
Idea Mixer
Teambuilding Field Day

Hustle Baby Hustle Branding Bootcamp
Expanding your Brand on Social Media
Why Building a Brand Matters?
How to Build your Personal Brand?
Brand Revival
Unleash your Creativity!

What’s Holding you Back?
Innerworthy:  Enjoy the Richness of Your Life
L.A.B.B.I.L.E.D. Legacies Are Built By Intentionally Living Every Day
Brainstorm, Enlighten, Reign:  Creative Coaching for Pageant Participants