B.I.D. Mentoring

September 8, 2016
men·tor (ˈmenˌtôr,ˈmenˌtər)   noun: an experienced and trusted adviser.



I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was a child and really grew a love for it in my teens.  I started my first “real” company  at 20 years old.  And boy, have I have failed!  Miserably… And I have succeeded.  Phenomenally!  I have never let my circumstances stop me from achieving my life’s purpose, my goals and dreams.


And that’ what makes me qualified to help you.  I have been where you are. I have felt the same excitement, disappointment, anxiety and joy you are currently feeling.  As your brand, idea and dream mentor, I will use ALL of my experience, expertise and resources to encourage you and ensure you launch (or relaunch) something amazing.


I’d like to think of myself as a mentor more than a coach.  A coach guides you from the sidelines… A mentor will walk beside you.


So are you ready to start?  Getting a started is only one email away.